Afternoon Dessert - 2022-07-08

Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Researchers Detail Techniques LockBit Ransomware Using to Infect its Targets
LockBit ransomware attacks are constantly evolving by making use of a wide range of techniques to infect targets while also taking steps to disable endpoint security solutions. "The affiliates that use LockBit's services conduct their attacks according to their preference and use different tools and techniques to achieve their goal," Cybereason security analysts Loïc Castel and Gal Romano said.
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Massive Rogers outage disrupts mobile service, payments in Canada
A massive Rogers outage is causing widespread disruption in Canada due to lack of mobile service, inability to process payment card transactions, and impacting 911 emergency services. [...]
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Microsoft fixes bug crashing Office apps when opening cloud documents
Microsoft has fixed a known issue that was causing Office applications like Word and Excel to crash when working with cloud documents. [...]
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Experts Uncover 350 Browser Extension Variants Used in ABCsoup Adware Campaign
A malicious browser extension with 350 variants is masquerading as a Google Translate add-on as part of an adware campaign targeting Russian users of Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Mobile security firm Zimperium dubbed the malware family ABCsoup, stating the "extensions are installed onto a victim's machine via a Windows-based executable, bypassing most endpoint security
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CEO charged with sale of counterfeit Cisco devices to govt, health orgs
Onur Aksoy, the CEO of a group of dozens of companies, was indicted for allegedly selling more than $1 billion worth of counterfeit Cisco network equipment to customers worldwide, including health, military, and government organizations. [...]
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Researchers Warn of Raspberry Robin's Worm Targeting Windows Users
Cybersecurity researchers are drawing attention to an ongoing wave of attacks linked to a threat cluster tracked as Raspberry Robin that's behind a Windows malware with worm-like capabilities.  Describing it as a "persistent" and "spreading" threat, Cybereason said it observed a number of victims in Europe. The infections involve a worm that propagates over removable USB devices containing
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