Afternoon Dessert - 2022-07-30

Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Microsoft Links Raspberry Robin USB Worm to Russian Evil Corp Hackers
Microsoft on Friday disclosed a potential connection between the Raspberry Robin USB-based worm and an infamous Russian cybercrime group tracked as Evil Corp. The tech giant said it observed the FakeUpdates (aka SocGholish) malware being delivered via existing Raspberry Robin infections on July 26, 2022. Raspberry Robin, also called QNAP Worm, is known to spread from a compromised system via
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Stop Putting Your Accounts At Risk, and Start Using a Password Manager
Image via Keeper Right Now, Get 30% Off Keeper, the Most Trusted Name in Password Management. In one way or another, almost every aspect of our lives is online, so it’s no surprise that hackers target everything from email accounts to banks to smart home devices, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. One of the easiest exploits is cracking a weak password. That’s why using a strong, unique
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