Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-07-25

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Roaming Mantis Financial Hackers Targeting Android and iPhone Users in France
The mobile threat campaign tracked as Roaming Mantis has been linked to a new wave of compromises directed against French mobile phone users, months after it expanded its targeting to include European countries. No fewer than 70,000 Android devices are said to have been infected as part of the active malware operation, Sekoia said in a report published last week. Attack chains involving Roaming
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Racoon Stealer is Back — How to Protect Your Organization
The Racoon Stealer malware as a service platform gained notoriety several years ago for its ability to extract data that is stored within a Web browser. This data initially included passwords and cookies, which sometimes allow a recognized device to be authenticated without a password being entered. Racoon Stealer was also designed to steal auto-fill data, which can include a vast trove of
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Magecart Hacks Food Ordering Systems to Steal Payment Data from Over 300 Restaurants
Three restaurant ordering platforms MenuDrive, Harbortouch, and InTouchPOS were the target of two Magecart skimming campaigns that resulted in the compromise of at least 311 restaurants. The trio of breaches has led to the theft of more than 50,000 payment card records from these infected restaurants and posted for sale on the dark web. "The online ordering platforms MenuDrive and Harbortouch
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