Morning Bowl - 2022-07-20

Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

Mind the Gap – How to Ensure Your Vulnerability Detection Methods are up to Scratch
With global cybercrime costs expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, it comes as little surprise that the risk of attack is companies' biggest concern globally. To help businesses uncover and fix the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations affecting their systems, there is an (over)abundance of solutions available.  But beware, they may not give you
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Russian Hackers Using DropBox and Google Drive to Drop Malicious Payloads
The Russian state-sponsored hacking collective known as APT29 has been attributed to a new phishing campaign that takes advantage of legitimate cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox to deliver malicious payloads on compromised systems. "These campaigns are believed to have targeted several Western diplomatic missions between May and June 2022," Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 said in a Tuesday
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