Morning Bowl - 2022-07-26

Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

CosmicStrand UEFI malware found in Gigabyte, ASUS motherboards
Chinese-speaking hackers have been using since at least 2016 malware that lies virtually undetected in the firmware images for some motherboards, one of the most persistent threats commonly known as a UEFI rootkit. [...]
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Roaming Mantis Financial Hackers Targeting Android and iPhone Users in France
The mobile threat campaign tracked as Roaming Mantis has been linked to a new wave of compromises directed against French mobile phone users, months after it expanded its targeting to include European countries. No fewer than 70,000 Android devices are said to have been infected as part of the active malware operation, Sekoia said in a report published last week. Attack chains involving Roaming
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Experts Uncover New 'CosmicStrand' UEFI Firmware Rootkit Used by Chinese Hackers
An unknown Chinese-speaking threat actor has been attributed to a new kind of sophisticated Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware rootkit called CosmicStrand. "The rootkit is located in the firmware images of Gigabyte or ASUS motherboards, and we noticed that all these images are related to designs using the H81 chipset," Kaspersky researchers said in a new report published today
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Hackers Exploit PrestaShop Zero-Day to Steal Payment Data from Online Stores
Malicious actors are exploiting a previously unknown security flaw in the open source PrestaShop e-commerce platform to inject malicious skimmer code designed to swipe sensitive information. "Attackers have found a way to use a security vulnerability to carry out arbitrary code execution in servers running PrestaShop websites," the company noted in an advisory published on July 22. PrestaShop is
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