Afternoon Dessert - 2022-08-19

Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Cybercrime Group TA558 Targeting Hospitality, Hotel, and Travel Organizations
A financially motivated cybercrime group has been linked to an ongoing wave of attacks aimed at hospitality, hotel, and travel organizations in Latin America with the goal of installing malware on compromised systems. Enterprise security firm Proofpoint, which is tracking the group under the name TA558 dating all the way back to April 2018, called it a "small crime threat actor." "Since 2018,
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DoNot Team Hackers Updated its Malware Toolkit with Improved Capabilities
The Donot Team threat actor has updated its Jaca Windows malware toolkit with improved capabilities, including a revamped stealer module designed to plunder information from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. The improvements also include a new infection chain that incorporates previously undocumented components to the modular framework, Morphisec researchers Hido Cohen and Arnold
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Russian APT29 hackers abuse Azure services to hack Microsoft 365 users
The state-backed Russian cyberespionage group Cozy Bear has been particularly prolific in 2022, targeting Microsoft 365 accounts in NATO countries and attempting to access foreign policy information. [...]
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CISA adds 7 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited by hackers
The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added seven vulnerabilities to its list of bugs actively exploited by hackers, with the new flaws disclosed by Apple. Microsoft, SAP, and Google. [...]
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