Afternoon Dessert - 2022-08-26

Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Microsoft: Iranian hackers still exploiting Log4j bugs against Israel
Hackers continue to exploit the Log4j vulnerability in vulnerable applications, as shown by the Iranian 'MuddyWater' threat actor who was found targeting Israeli organizations using the SysAid software. [...]
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Twilio breach let hackers gain access to Authy 2FA accounts
Twilio's investigation into the attack on August 4 reveals that hackers gained access to some Authy user accounts and registered unauthorized devices. [...]
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S3 Ep97: Did your iPhone get pwned? How would you know? [Audio + Text]
Latest episode - listen now! (Or read the transcript if you prefer the text version.)
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Firefox 104 is out – no critical bugs, but update anyway
Two trust-spoofing bugs were the main culprits this month - but neither one was a zero-day.
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