Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-08-15

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

SOVA Android Banking Trojan Returns With New Capabilities and Targets
The SOVA Android banking trojan is continuing to be actively developed with upgraded capabilities to target no less than 200 mobile applications, including banking apps and crypto exchanges and wallets, up from 90 apps when it started out. That's according to the latest findings from Italian cybersecurity firm Cleafy, which found newer versions of the malware sporting functionality to intercept
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Newly Uncovered PyPI Package Drops Fileless Cryptominer to Linux Systems
A now-removed rogue package pushed to the official third-party software repository for Python has been found to deploy cryptominers on Linux systems. The module, named "secretslib" and downloaded 93 times prior to its deletion, was released to the Python Package Index (PyPI) on August 6, 2022 and is described as "secrets matching and verification made easy." "On a closer
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