Afternoon Dessert - 2022-10-22

Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

TommyLeaks and SchoolBoys: Two sides of the same ransomware gang
Two new extortion gangs named 'TommyLeaks' and 'SchoolBoys' are targeting companies worldwide. However, there is a catch — they are both the same ransomware gang. [...]
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Exploited Windows zero-day lets JavaScript files bypass security warnings
A new Windows zero-day allows threat actors to use malicious JavaScript files to bypass Mark-of-the-Web security warnings. Threat actors are already seen using the zero-day bug in ransomware attacks. [...]
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Android adware apps in Google Play downloaded over 20 million times
Security researchers at McAfee have discovered a set of 16 malicious clicker apps that managed to sneak into Google Play, the official app store for Android. [...]
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