Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-10-18

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

European Police Arrest a Gang That Hacked Wireless Key Fobs to Steal Cars
Law enforcement authorities in France, in collaboration with Spain and Latvia, have disrupted a cybercrime ring that leveraged a hacking tool to steal cars without having to use a physical key fob. "The criminals targeted vehicles with keyless entry and start systems, exploiting the technology to get into the car and drive away," Europol said in a press statement. The coordinated
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Chinese 'Spyder Loader' Malware Spotted Targeting Organizations in Hong Kong
The China-aligned espionage-focused actor dubbed Winnti has set its sights on government organizations in Hong Kong as part of an ongoing campaign dubbed Operation CuckooBees. Active since at least 2007, Winnti (aka APT41, Barium, Bronze Atlas, and Wicked Panda) is the name designated to a prolific cyber threat group that carries out Chinese state-sponsored espionage activity, predominantly
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