Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-11-02

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Dropbox Breach: Hackers Unauthorizedly Accessed 130 GitHub Source Code Repositories
File hosting service Dropbox on Tuesday disclosed that it was the victim of a phishing campaign that allowed unidentified threat actors to gain unauthorized access to 130 of its source code repositories on GitHub. "These repositories included our own copies of third-party libraries slightly modified for use by Dropbox, internal prototypes, and some tools and configuration files used by the
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Experts Warn of SandStrike Android Spyware Infecting Devices via Malicious VPN App
A previously undocumented Android spyware campaign has been found striking Persian-speaking individuals by masquerading as a seemingly harmless VPN application. Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky is tracking the campaign under the moniker SandStrike. It has not been attributed to any particular threat group. "SandStrike is distributed as a means to access resources about the Bahá'í religion 
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Inside Raccoon Stealer V2
Raccoon Stealer is back on the news again. US officials arrested Mark Sokolovsky, one of the malware actors behind this program. In July 2022, after several months of the shutdown, a Raccoon Stealer V2 went viral. Last week, the Department of Justice's press release stated that the malware collected 50 million credentials. This article will give a quick guide to the latest info stealer's version
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These Android Apps with a Million Play Store Installations Redirect Users to Malicious Sites
A set of four Android apps released by the same developer has been discovered directing victims to malicious websites as part of an adware and information-stealing campaign. The apps, published by a developer named Mobile apps Group and currently available on the Play Store, have been collectively downloaded over one million times. According to Malwarebytes, the websites are designed to generate
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