Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-11-07

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Robin Banks Phishing Service for Cybercriminals Returns with Russian Server
A phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) platform known as Robin Banks has relocated its attack infrastructure to DDoS-Guard, a Russian provider of bulletproof hosting services. The switch comes after "Cloudflare disassociated Robin Banks phishing infrastructure from its services, causing a multi-day disruption to operations," according to a report from cybersecurity company IronNet. Robin Banks was 
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Experts Find Urlscan Security Scanner Inadvertently Leaks Sensitive URLs and Data
Security researchers are warning of "a trove of sensitive information" leaking through, a website scanner for suspicious and malicious URLs. "Sensitive URLs to shared documents, password reset pages, team invites, payment invoices and more are publicly listed and searchable," Positive Security co-founder, Fabian Bräunlein, said in a report published on November 2, 2022. The
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