Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-11-09

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Top 5 API Security Myths That Are Crushing Your Business
There are several myths and misconceptions about API security. These myths about securing APIs are crushing your business.  Why so? Because these myths are widening your security gaps. This is making it easier for attackers to abuse APIs. And API attacks are costly. Of course, you will have to bear financial losses. But there are other consequences too:  Reputational damage  Customer attrition
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New IceXLoader Malware Loader Variant Infected Thousands of Victims Worldwide
An updated version of a malware loader codenamed IceXLoader is suspected of having compromised thousands of personal and enterprise Windows machines across the world. IceXLoader is a commodity malware that's sold for $118 on underground forums for a lifetime license. It's chiefly employed to download and execute additional malware on breached hosts. This past June, Fortinet FortiGuard Labs said
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Experts Warn of Browser Extensions Spying On Users via Cloud9 Chrome Botnet Network
The Keksec threat actor has been linked to a previously undocumented malware strain, which has been observed in the wild masquerading as an extension for Chromium-based web browsers to enslave compromised machines into a botnet. Called Cloud9 by security firm Zimperium, the malicious browser add-on comes with a wide range of features that enables it to siphon cookies, log keystrokes, inject
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