Lunch Time Nibbles - 2022-11-14

Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube suspended in Turkey after blast
Following yesterday's deadly blast on ─░stiklal Avenue in Istanbul, Turkish authorities began restricting access to social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram. [...]
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What is an External Penetration Test?
A penetration test (also known as a pentest) is a security assessment that simulates the activities of real-world attackers to identify security holes in your IT systems or applications.  The aim of the test is to understand what vulnerabilities you have, how they could be exploited, and what the impact would be if an attacker was successful. Usually performed first, an external pentest (also
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Over 15,000 WordPress Sites Compromised in Malicious SEO Campaign
A new malicious campaign has compromised over 15,000 WordPress websites in an attempt to redirect visitors to bogus Q&A portals. "These malicious redirects appear to be designed to increase the authority of the attacker's sites for search engines," Sucuri researcher Ben Martin said in a report published last week, calling it a "clever black hat SEO trick." The search engine poisoning technique
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